Wednesday, September 5

It's Still Us

A few months before my brother was born, our father dreamed that he would be named Will. But when he was born, Will looked nothing like the baby in the dream.

So Will became "little tyke." It was just a nickname at first, while our parents agonized over a real name, but as the days and then months passed, "little tyke" took on a frightening ring of finality. Finally, our parents settled on Elijah Sparrowhawk, and that became Will's name. At least for a while, though some people still called him "little tyke."

Then, when Will was about 3 or 4 years old, he began to look more and more like the boy in our father's dream. Our parents told him the story, and it didn't take long for Will to decide to change his name. It did take a while for people to adjust (by then they'd switched from "little tyke" to "Eli") but eventually Will's real name took. Now I can't imagine calling him anything else.

I hope our new name takes too. I named Dinner Party without consulting Will, but over the last two months, the blog has taken on life and become something belonging very much to both of us. Will never much liked the name, and we were both dissatisfied that our name and our address didn't match ( had already been taken). As we gained momentum and visitors, we felt that if we wanted to change, we should do it now, in our babyhood, before our name had become inextricably bound with our personality. It also seemed a good time to toddle over to WordPress, where we would have plenty of room to grow into anything we might want to become.

So come and visit us over at Last Crumb. And then visit us again. Bookmark us, link to us, and otherwise make us part of your life because we plan to be there for a long time. And please make as many comments as you can - we weren't able to migrate those!

By the way, we also want to thank all of you who have looked in on us, shared us with others, and generally helped us take our first steps into the world. We know how many food blogs are out there, and we're moved and flattered to be among all of you.

So thanks, and see you soon over at Last Crumb!


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